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Our Work

Shoguns Studio specialises in creating bespoke content for the Children's Toys and games industry. From concept to final animation, Shoguns Studio delivers world class content that children can enjoy across the world.

We help you tell better stories


Shoguns Studios is dedicated and specialises in creating entertainment content for the children's toys and games sector. Working with international clients such as Simba, Hasbro, ITV, Benasee corporation, Goliath, Tomy, Alpha group and more, we develop and produce original animated shows for all major social media platforms including YouTube, Instagram and now Tik Tok.  At our Studio in North London, we have produced the highest quality 3D and 2D shows, all the way from concept to final delivery. Our years of experience helps brings these our client's brands to life allowing children of all ages to resonate with the brand and believe in the magic.  

Shoguns Studios has also produced numerous fully CGI and Live action integrated with CGI TVC. 

Work with us

How far can your brand go? How many mediums can your product transcend? We can help you answer these questions through the magic of make believe. Take your toy into the world of animation, your brand mascot into mobile gaming. The limit is as far as your imagination - let us stretch it!